Questions to ask to mutual fund companies?

18 Nov    Uncategorized
  1. If you are giving 12-14% return and I am taking the risk at my capital and you are saying you are giving the same returns from the last many years.

Please give me only a 10% guaranteed return and you can keep the more…

Can they give you the guaranteed returns?

This means they do not have confidence in themselves, and you have trust in you :).


2.Β  Banks gives the loan at 8-9 % home loan, right … right !!

Why they are not investing in their own mutual fund and get a return of 15-16%? πŸ™‚

To sell home loan they have to invest a huge amount in advertisement and sales and employees, why don’t they just invest in their own mutual fund.

Means they are also looking for secure and guaranteed returns andΒ  you : )


3. If they are confident enough, why they are not taking a loan from SBI at a cheap rate ( as the bank takes it to run it) and make investment in own mutual fund, they will be making more money as they do not need to sale it to anyone no need to huge sales and office staff. πŸ™‚

4. Mutual fund manages by a fund manager, which means it is your money and they are playing with it.

If they are confident enough, take money from the Indian or foreign market it is available at a cheap cost and invests in your own mutual fund

If the fund manager says he can give a 14% return aks him to take money from the US market at 6-7 % and invest in your mutual fund. suppose they take 1000 crore they can make 140 profit. why they are asking us to invest? πŸ™‚

5. no matter you make the profit or loss the day you invest in mutual funds, they have made the money πŸ™‚

you need to take care about your funds

It is your money, first you have to secure it and then comes the return …….

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