Why you should invest in guaranteed retirement(pension) plan ?

17 Nov    Retirement

To do anything in this world we need a thought, if you are reading this post, congratulations !!

You already have a thought to plan the retirement.

Only 2% of people plan retirement to live a happy life and you are probably one of them

Yes, retirement !! for that, we have to plan early in life so we can get the maximum out of over investment.

Not to go to the basics here, Let me share with you why you should and everyone should invest in guaranteed retirement plans.

1.Millennial have already lost money in the stock market

When someone is new in investment and they want to invest, they want to invest in highest return instruments and people try to look on the internet about it and they get influenced by the stock market course sellers those tell them they can double the money in months joining their courses.

But as we all know they even after years retail investors only lose the money in stock money. so the rule comes

The first thing we have to do to inevst our money is to secure the capital and then think about the return.


2. They also search for the worst-performing mutual funds.

Yes, after the stock people tend to go to the Mutual funds as people say that mutual funds are less risky but still, risky. Capital is at stake.

Like alcohol and cigarettes, mutual funds also say that ” Mutual funds are injurious to health” sorry means Mutual funds are subject to market risk. if it is at market risk it is also injurious to health, as you have to worry a lot and worry comes with a cost.

Now people also search that what are the worst-performing mutual funds, as mutual funds seller only says that 10-11% returns and will not show those worst performers and if your money is in worst-performing stocks? you lost the money.

Selecting the mutual fund is also a task of knowledge as there are hundreds of mutual fund providers and they have so many mutual fund plans, so you are prepared to lose.

Even if you get the 10% returns while risking the capital, please do not worry there is a chance you will lose next year.

They need to continue to access their investment if it is not going to vanish. they have to invest time from their present work and time comes from money. and we are not counting it…….

Now prepare to pay tax as well.


3.  People buy secure and guaranteed return plans.

Why you are earning the money – for family

Why for the family – to feel good

So to feel good and relax they put the money in secure and guaranteed plans so they do not have to worry about the money and they will be relaxed and their returns will be automated.

All of us know that even a single penny is lost from our hard-earned money how it feels.


4. Retirement is certain and it is a boon.

Yes, yes. is it boon to get old and it is very lucky and we all want to get old as much as we can 🙂

So yes, it is a certain thing, can you want to put it on uncertain returns?

Old age will be boon if we can take care of ourselves at that age and have money to fulfill our needs.


5. Retirement plans are well organized, to take care of your retirement.

Yes, these plans are well organized to take care of the retirement needs, so you can get the money, yearly returns up to life, and when in need you can take a loan on it

want to get 8% guaranteed return life time …… Yes

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Why people are buying guaranteed return plans?

we have seen a huge jump in the sale of guaranteed pension plans, Why?

We have not invested anything extra in marketing and nothing special has been done from our side.

The reason is the stock market and mutual fund sellers, Socked?

How it can be?

Let me answer

mutual fund association running huge marketing to buy mutual funds

stock market trainers, advisors saying invest in stocks and marketing the products by paid, video and content marketing.


People buy them and after some time they lose money and that is the time they realize they need secure and guaranteed returns









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